Sweet & Warmth of Chinese Wedding

《Ritual Records—Wedding》: Wedding, mines to marriage of two family name, taking family temple will succeed somebody, so people all attention. Peaceful and happy wedding ceremony with a striking force, which reflects a long civilization breath——the great Han Civilization and beauty that is pure, pointing to your heart.

Romantic Outdoor Wedding

Cohere Hotel to prepare you for a hug your own city garden beauty aristocratic wedding ceremony! We will provide you outdoor green space, water tender feelings, church pledge!

Hotel will provide ride the electric vehicles for the new couple, it is exaggerated euro-style modle can add a bright spot to your wedding.
  • ①The electric vehicles are only can ride around Cohere Hotel and Liuye Lake, hotel will arrange a driver for it.
  • ②Hotel guest rental charge is RMB100net per hour; for wedding guest, rental charge is RMB500net per minimum 6 hours.
If the couple choose the personalized wedding all can get free of below:
  • ①Minimum RMB198 per person, free of service charge.
  • ②To free use the venue of Liuye Lake.
  • ③To put the wedding on the green lawn, hotel will provide delicate snacks, free flow of soft drink and afternoon tea at the welcome time.